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Neuroscience Lab Manager & Research Assistant

January 2006 - December 2011

Responsibilities & Achievements

Worked with the Primary Investigator and Professor and collaborated with primary investigators and student researchers at Bowdoin, Maine for laboratory and field-based research projects.

  • Experience in Computer-assisted microscopy (Mac and Windows based), stereology (cryostat, vibratome), histology (gelatin embedding, Nissl staining), immunohistochemistry (peroxidase-based, fluorescent single-labeling, double-labeling), compound (DIP, EPI) and confocal microscopy.

  • Software Experience in: Neurolucida from MicroBright Field, MS Word, MS Excel, VueIamge, ImageJ, Kaleidagraph, SPSS, R, and Matlab.

  • Experience with animal husbandry, surgery, and perfusion techniques (laboratory and field based).

  • Collaborated with primary investigators and student researchers at Bowdoin in Maine for both laboratory and field-based research projects.

  • Managed lab operations including equipment inventory, maintenance, purchasing, and network administration.

  • Managed and tracked budgets and resources to assure efforts were in compliance with project/study guidelines.

  • Assisted with preparation and submission of grants.

  • Assisted with coordination of all protocol and procedure training sessions.

  • Coordinated the evaluation of procedures implemented during pilot studies to determine necessary design and logistical changes for main study.

  • Ensured statistical and data management reports were generated and distributed in a timely fashion.

  • Scheduled, coordinated, and conduct training sessions about project/study.

  • Oversaw updates of manual of operations, data collection forms, and websites associated with project/study.

  • Performed data collection and data entry for studies.

  • Assisted in writing scientific papers for publication.

  • Trained, supervised, assigned work and evaluated support staff.

  • Collected and archived data from experiments; interpreted complex data; performed and supervised analysis of data and presented to a variety of audiences.

  • Tracked experiment development and trouble-shot problems encountered in the experiments.

  • Developed, wrote, and implemented procedures for research projects and experiments.

  • Created financial and statistical reports for Principal Investigators and division/department executives; analyzed information and recommend spending activity.

  • Represented department research interests at institutional workshops and meetings; communicated funding opportunities to departmental faculty.

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