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Data Science Volunteer Work

Giving Back & Gaining Real-World Data Science Experience

March 2021 - Present

Perform analysis and deliver data science solutions for a natural pet food e-commerce shop.

  • Design and deploy analytics for this pet food company’s Shopify eCommerce store providing food for healthy animals.

  • Design the website and Shopify storefront, and create an inventory optimization model by matching store inventory with actual needs to reduce requirements for storage space.

  • Use a single, global forecast to predict each product as a weighted KPI with weekly updates and monthly forecasts for the store owner.

  • Create a bin-packing algorithm to optimize box size selection that improves space efficiencies, decreases costs from wasted box space and lowers shipping costs.

  • Increase total sales 617%, yield returning customer rate 100%, increased average order value 139%, increased total orders 200%

January 2021 - Present

Perform analysis and deliver data science solutions for a nonprofit education institution.

  • Deliver predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics including optimization modeling and decision models to quantify new opportunities, identify upcoming challenges that ultimately increase revenue by 3% for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Use descriptive and diagnostic analytics including descriptive statistics, correlations, clusters, and trends to evaluate revenue, expenditures, to solidify the company’s value proposition.

  • Research industry standards, use descriptive analysis to identify KPIs for financial operations; faculty salary, experience, and workload; admissions, tuition; academics; student experience; and marketing.

  • Apply scenario modeling, simulation with deviation analysis and create a strategic plan to increase student enrollment by 2% and the financial aid budget by $40,000.

  • Create a dashboard comprised of research and data from competitive schools to benchmark success against peers and improve executive decision making, policy development, and strategic planning.

  • Collect data and build a data model for fundraising and marketing strategies which help to reach a goal of $100,000 to build a new Art Center.

December 2018 - May 2019

Breakwater Restaurant

​Performed analysis and deliver data science solutions for a popular dining destination.

  • Performed analysis of five years of data and used Python to integrate historical data finance and POS-generated sales data.

  • Conducted descriptive and diagnostic analyses, built predictive models and conducted prescriptive analyses that improved trend analysis for food and supply needs, staffing and menu planning.

  • Created interactive visualizations based on key metrics, enabling executive chefs and owners to identify seasonal trends, identify customer types, target preferred meals and payment options, track inventory, reduce wasted food, predict and reduce waiting time, and analyze employee performance.

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Research Volunteer Work

Undergraduate & Graduate Student Research

2008 - 2010

Reproductive Biology Research Assistant

California State University, Long Beach

Research assistant for collaborative project with Dr. Diane Lee and Dr. Kelly Young examining seasonal changes in sex hormones in food-storing and non-storing birds.
• Experience with computer-assisted microscopy (Mac and Windows based), stereology, histology (paraffin embedding, H&E staining), and immunohistochemistry (peroxidase-based).
• Tissue sectioning using microtome.


Clinical Trials Research Assistant

Veterans Hospital, Long Beach

Research assistant for Dr. Andrius Baskys
• Examined effects of ramelteon on the quality of sleep using sleep evaluation instruments such as the Sleep Disorder Questionnaire and Neuropsychiatric Inventory with Caregiver Distress in Parkinson Patients.
• Examined effects of ramelteon on daytime sleepiness and memory using Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and Hopkins Verbal Learning Test (HVLT).
• Examined ramelteon effects on sleep/wake cycle and day/night activity patterns over a prolonged period of time (1 week) using a motion logger (continuous motor activity recording device) and computerized data analysis.

2006 - 2007

Neuropsychological Research Assistant

Veterans Hospital, Long Beach

Conducted and recorded results of a variety of neuropsychological (e.g., many Halstead-Reitan subtests), intelligence (e.g., WAIS-III, Shipley), vocational (e.g., CAI, COPS), personality (e.g., MMPI-II, MCMI), achievement (e.g., WRAT-III), and symptom report (e.g., BDI-II and Brown ADD) tests. Represented the lab for Mental Health Awareness day. Trained and manage new volunteer laboratory technicians.


Psychometrician Research Assistant

Veterans Hospital, Long Beach

• Developed research ideas in coordination with research colleagues, to create norms for the Beck Depression Inventory II in a chronic pain population.
• Performed literary searches.
• Entered archival data into an Excel spreadsheet. Verified the accuracy of data translated into SPSS format.

2006 - 2008

Evolutionary Psychology & Animal Cognition Research Assistant

California State University, Long Beach

Worked with Dr. Dan Chiappe to:

• Read and analyzed articles discussing the evolution of intelligence.
• Wrote summaries of findings and conclusions as they relate to Machiavellian Intelligence. Performed literary searches. Examined concepts concerning memory, evolution of the brain, and selective
pressures resulting from social hierarchies.
• Contributed scientific writing for publication.

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