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Data Science & Analytics Consultant

January 2021 - Present

Budget Analysis

Integrated disparate data sources, performed descriptive and diagnostic analytics, created business model, performed predictive and prescriptive analytics for both short term (quarterly; current year to date) and long term (5 year) forecasts, synthesized information into actionable insights.

  • Used descriptive and diagnostic analytics including descriptive statistics, correlations, clusters, and trends to evaluate revenue, expenditures, and to create the company’s value proposition.

  • Researched industry standards and used descriptive analysis to identify key performance indicators for financial operations; faculty salary, experience, and workload; admissions and tuition; academics; student experience; and marketing.

  • Used predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics, including optimization modeling and decision models, to quantify new opportunities, identify upcoming challenges, and ensure value proposition, ultimately leading to an increase revenue by 3% for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Used scenario modeling and stimulation and deviation analysis to create a strategic plan to increase the student enrollment by 2% and the financial aid budget an additional $40,000.

  • Researched and collected comparative data from competitive, regional schools to benchmark school’s success against peers and better assist in executive decision making, policy development, and strategic planning.

Executive Dashboard

Created, maintained, and monitored an executive dashboard to synthesize the budget analysis allow school director and board of trustees the ability to monitor school performance, justify resource allocation, and drive better decisions. Leveraged data visualization skills to deliver insights in a clear, concise, and actionable format.

Fundraising Marketing Strategy

Initiated, developed, and executed a fundraising marketing strategy to assist in obtaining $100,000 to build a new student art center.

  • Fundraising marketing strategy included identifying potential donors and platforms for donor engagement, identifying key metrics, establishing an analytics work plan, building and testing predictive models, and iteratively improving solutions.

  • Evaluated web and social media presence by identifying measures of awareness, growth, and engagement.

  • Consulted in the redesign of school’s website, resulting in a 25% increase in traffic.

  • Led a 6-student marketing club to inspire youth engagement with data science. Collaborated with students to identify target audiences to engage through social media platforms, create user-directed content, and specified solutions to measure successful engagement.

  • Started a donor database to track relevant donor information and identify targeted fundraising strategies leading to 5% of donations obtained from social media, 30% from email marketing, and the remaining 65% from direct donor contact, all while keeping cost to dollar raised at $0.04.

  • Created models to evaluate donor relationship metrics including donor retention rate, lapsed donors, growth rate, numbers by type, average gift size, average giving capacity, frequency of contact, asks made, online gift percentage, and email open rates.

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